Troubleshooting Questions

Are there any settings that can keep me from earning rewards?

Your browser must have cookies enabled in order for your purchases to be properly tracked and credited. Your browser should automatically accept cookies unless you have turned cookies off. In order to turn cookies back on, please refer to the following documentation for your browser:

Internet Explorer 9+
Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Use of a browser's "Private Browsing" feature will similarly interfere with proper tracking of your purchase and can render your purchase ineligible for rewards.

Is there any software that can keep me from earning rewards?

Ad-blocking extensions, such as AdBlock or Adblock Plus, can block cookies used to track and earn credit for your purchases. We recommend temporarily disabling these extensions for the duration of your shopping trip.

Security software, such as Kaspersky or Norton Internet Security, can similarly interfere with the tracking of your purchases. If you have such software installed, please ensure that it is set up to allow cookies from CoinRebates and any "Ad Blocking" features are turned off.

Lastly, there are spyware or adware programs that can cause your shopping activity to be reported as having come from another company. There are many free detection and removal programs that you can download online to protect you from spyware or adware.

What if a store link isn't working?

Please contact us to report any store links that are not working.

What if I am experiencing problems on a store's website?

Please contact the store directly about the issues that you are experiencing. CoinRebates has no control over the content on a store's website.