Payment Questions

How do I get paid?

Rebates credited to your account, once approved, are automatically paid out to the bitcoin address that you registered with, as long as your pending balance is at least 100 bits.

When do I get paid?

We strive to have rebate payments sent out as soon as possible. For purchases with a return or cancellation period, payments are held until shortly after this period has elapsed. Please refer to the store's return or cancellation policy to get an idea of when you should expect payment.

If the return or cancellation period for your purchase has passed and a pending rebate has not yet been paid, please contact us.

Where can I view my payments?

You can find a record of all payments in your Account Payments page. You can also see which rebates have been paid out in your Account Rebates page.

How do I change my payment address?

For security reasons, we cannot allow payment addresses to be changed at this time. To use CoinRebates with a different bitcoin address, simply log out of your current session, and log back in with your new address.

Can I donate my earnings to a charity or organization?

If the charity or organization accepts bitcoin donations, you can simply log in with their bitcoin address and start shopping!