Rebate Questions

How do I get a rebate for my purchase?

Your purchase qualifies for a rebate as long as you start your shopping trip at CoinRebates and click to a store via the "Shop Now" button shortly before your purchase is made. If you wait too long (over 24 hours in most cases) or navigate away from the store's website before making a purchase, you will risk not receiving credit.

Some stores have a limited number of products that do not qualify for rewards. Be sure to review any Special Terms listed before clicking to the store.

Also take a look at our Troubleshooting Questions to learn about different settings or software that can keep you from getting credit.

When do rebates get credited to my account?

Most rebates are credited within 48 hours of purchase. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed. In such case, please refer to the store's return policy to get an idea of when to expect the rebate to show up in your account.

If the return period has passed and you still don't see a rebate, please contact us.

Where can I view my rebates?

Every rebate credited to your account can be found in your Account Rebates page.

Do all purchases qualify for rewards?

Excluding taxes, shipping, and any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift cards or store credit, every dollar that you spend through CoinRebates qualifies for rewards under normal circumstances. Some stores place restrictions on reward eligibility, which we list out in the Special Terms section in the store description page. Please be aware that these Special Terms can change regularly. In many cases, bulk orders or orders for purposes of resale do not qualify for rewards.

Can I use special offers or coupons and still earn rewards?

If you choose to use special offers or coupons that are not specially advertised by CoinRebates, we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for rewards on your purchase.

Do I still earn rewards if I return or cancel an order?

No. If you return or cancel an order, any rewards earned from the purchase will be reversed.

Do I still earn rewards if I change an order?

Unfortunately, no in most cases. In the process of changing your order, the store cancels the old order and replaces it with a new one. While creating the new order, the store usually fails to include the referral information required to credit a commission.

To avoid losing rewards on your order, we recommend returning or canceling the order and making a new transaction via CoinRebates.

What is a Click ID?

The Click ID verifies that you clicked a link on CoinRebates to get to one of our stores. If a problem arises or you need to ask us a question about a specific transaction, you are able to refer to the Click ID so we can better assist you. Your Click IDs can be found in your Account Activity and Account Rebates pages.