General Questions

How does CoinRebates work?

By shopping through CoinRebates, you earn bitcoin rewards for every dollar that you spend. Our stores pay us a commission for sending shoppers their way, and we use the commission to pay you directly.

It's free to join, and there are no mail-in rebate forms to fill out. We pay out solely in bitcoin to ensure the fastest payments possible. No minimum balance is necessary to get paid.

How do I join?

Join for free by simply registering your bitcoin address. If you don't have one, learn how to get a free bitcoin wallet. We don't need any other information from you.

Can I earn rewards if I live outside the US?

Yes, as long as the store you are purchasing from will ship to your area, you will be eligible for rewards.

If the store only ships within the US, consider a package forwarding service like For more information on and rewards available when you sign up as a member, please visit our store page.

What if I don't see the store that I want?

It is our goal to provide our users with the largest variety of quality stores possible. If you would like to recommend a store, please contact us. We will do our best to get your store added.

What if I want to return or cancel an order?

Returns are subject to the return policy of the store from which you purchased. If you return or cancel an order, any rewards earned from the purchase will be reversed.

Do I have to pay for my purchase with bitcoins?

No. You can pay with any method accepted by the store and be eligible for rewards.